Olympus Photo Safari Group - Team Review of the Olympus E-P1

The Olympus E-P1 is the most compact interchangeable lens digital camera on earth... carrying on the spirit of the legendary Olympus PEN. The camera will be of huge interest to our Olympus Photo Safari Group members and subscribers around the world.

This will be a great opportunity to create a Safari Group Team Review based on a shared user diary...

We hope that you will enjoy helping us with your questions and observations below.

Here are the ground rules -

If you've used the E-P1 - please Create a new entry with your observations.

If you have questions or comments on the observations - please post a comment below the diary entry.

There are any number of previews and reviews on the internet by professional reviewers - check out this in-depth preview by Simon Joinson while we're waiting for the full lab tests from dpreview.

The key thing about this team review, is that each observation below can be reviewed, challenged and guided by our Safari Group members. If you would like to help with your own suggestions for tests and comments, please feel free to join us here.

We're also planning a series of street shooting events around the UK, where our members can have personal time with the E-P1, and any experience/guidance we can offer using it. Details on our Inside News section.

Kind Regards


Huge thanks to Safari Group member Dale Cotton, in Ontario Canada for his E-P1 Summary Page.


first nightshots with the pen

after having the pen for 1 week i couldn´t be more satisfied with it. 

my first attempt on nightshots did turn out pretty well and i am pleased with the results:

Ep1 with 14-42 @ 14mm 1,6s f8,0 ISO 200 with gorillapod


Ep1 with 14-42 @ 14mm 1,6s f8,0 ISO 200 with gorillapod


Ep1 with 14-42 @ 14mm 5s f10 ISO 200 with gorillapod


Ep1 with 14-42 @ 18mm 2s f9 ISO 200 with gorillapod


Ep1 with 14-42 @ 30mm 6s f8 ISO 200 with gorillapod

Ep1 with 14-42 @ 14mm 20s f8 ISO 200 with gorillapod


the overall image quality and the dynamic range of this cute little camera simply amazes me


New Photo!

Got my Canon FD adapter and I am soooooooo happy.  I can't believe how well these work with the e-p1!  One pic I took with the Canon 50mm 1.8.  JPEG with a touch of PP.  I love this camera more and more.


Night airport with E-P1

Had a small stroll at the airport last night, so and i took a night picture of the planes on berth.

 ISO1600 f3.5 @ 1.6 seconds


A few more shots!

ISO 1600 14-42mm

ISO 400 4 sec Exposure


First Test Shots With E-P1

These are some shots I took on the way to work today, all shot at ISO 100 with Kit 14-42mm lens.  Comments welcome.

Also I'm looking to get a Canon EOS to m4/3 adapter to use my Canon 50mm 1.8 (which I love) anybody have any experience with this adapter?